Wild Geese Foundation works in an intersectional manner to defend human rights, promote food justice and sovereignty, and to uplift youth. We acknowledge a society in which marginalized humans do not thrive is unsustainable.

Nationally, we support three issue areas: Reproductive justice, youth, climate justice. Additionally, in New England, we support food justice and expanding access to affordable and healthy food.

We believe, as Mary Oliver said, “You do not have to walk on your knees” to access resources needed for the work to be done. 

Our Grantmaking

The Wild Geese Foundation's six funding areas express a commitment to the foundation's founders and board of directors.
We support projects that uplift youth and young people knowing that a society in which youth cannot thrive is unsustainable and unlivable.
Food Justice
We support community-based food justice efforts to create sustainable agriculture and to expand access to affordable and healthy food in New England.
Reproductive Justice
We support everyone’s right to reproductive justice, freedom and self-determination.
We support climate justice to wean us from extractive methods of energy production and fossil fuels and to build resilient and regenerative economies in healthy communities.

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